Recruiting and Introducing talents all over the world

Zhongkai High-tech Zone launched the “Kaixuan Talent Program” to build a talent system that introduces trains, motivates and serves the “Quaternity” talents, creating a fertile ground for talents. The total number of talents in the region has reached 120,000, and the number of high-level talents has exceeded 20,000.

Recruitment of talents worldwide

Introducing top talents (teams); they could enjoy preferential treatment, such as work grants, housing, venture capital, loan discounts, etc.

The academicians of the two academicians receive grants of 10 thousand yuan per month and 500 thousand yuan of housing subsidies from the finance division of the zone;

The national Thousand Talents Programtalent allowance is 2,000 yuan per month and the housing subsidy is 100,000 yuan;

The full-time doctoral studentsallowance is 1,000 yuan per person per month and the housing subsidy is 50,000 yuan;

The full-time postgraduatessubsidy is 500 yuan per person per month and the housing subsidy is 30,000 yuan.

All-round incentives to support talents

All kinds of talents can be rewarded with a large sum of money, and the maximum amount of incentive funds is 2 million yuan

All-round care and service for talents

Promoting the talent stewardshipmodel, providing all-roundpersonal services for talents, and realizing the talent matters of specialized personnel, full tracking, and service to the end

Kaixuan Talents Housing Project: vigorously promote the construction of Kaixuan Talents Apartments; thousands of talent apartments will be built in the future, and the talents can move in directly and readily.

Kaixuan Talents card: Cardholders can enjoy preferential policies and convenience services provided by the government in the area, including household settlement for talents and their childrens admission to school.