The perfect integration of industry and human settlement

Zhongkai High-tech Zone is based on industrial clusters, and its rising economy has created favorable conditions for improving supporting facilities. Each year, Zhongkai High-tech Zone adds 70% of its financial resources to people's livelihood expenditure.

At present, a high-tech zone with excellent ecological environment, perfect infrastructure and rich humanities has taken shape. The perfect coordination between industrial development and human settlements allows each of the struggling people to enjoy the good life of living and working here.

Embrace the unique natural ecology

Zhongkai High-tech Zone is rich in ecological resources and has the largest inland freshwater wetland in Guangdong Province — Tonghu Wetland.

Tonghu Wetland

The wetland area is 55 square kilometers, and the comfortable climate and diverse landforms make it a paradise for migratory birds. Nearly a hundred species of birds stop here every year, and the beautiful scenery of the flying egrets can be seen frequently.

Guandong Lake Forest Park

33 km of green road around the lake, which is surrounded by mountains, and people can enjoy a healthy and aerobic life.