Zhongjing Intelligence & Innovation Industrial Park Project Was Officially Started

  • 2019-10-03 12:28
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On 30th September morning, Zhongjing Intelligence & Innovation Industrial Park Project was officially started in Chenjiang Residential District. Over 100 people attended the commencement ceremony including HZZK High-tech Zone Party Secretary Xianmin Wu, HZZK leaders Yunbo Wang and Wei Hu, Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Lin Yang, Vice Presidents Xiangbin Yu, Baoshan Liang, Xiaogang Liu, leaders from Chenjiang Residential District, HZZK and other concerned units and representatives from relevant enterprises, etc. The participated leaders and guests earthed up the project cornerstone at the commencement ceremony.

On behalf of HZZK Committee, and HZZK Management Committee, Wei Hu extended his congratulations to the commencement of the project. He mentioned that, Zhongjing Intelligence & Innovation Industrial Park Project has a great importance to accelerating the development of HZZK High-tech Zone. It reveals Zhongjing’s tremendous confidence in HZZK’s development and will be an important milestone in the deepening cooperation between HZZK High-tech Zone and Zhongjing Electronic. He said that, HZZK High-tech Zone will continue to put forth effort to create a first-class business environment and root for the project construction to promote its earliest up and running.

Lin Yang said, ever since it joined HZZK, with the care and support from various levels of leaders, Zhongjing Electronic, in its all work, has achieved considerable progress, solid performance growth and continuous increase of influence in the industry. Zhongjing Electronic will make this project an innovative and intelligent industry park that combines design and R&D, incubation and services for high and new tech enterprises as well as office use. It will inject new engine and make new contributions to the sound and rapid development of HZZK’s economy.

It is learned that, Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and went listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange SMEs Board in 2011. In 2014, the whole company moved to HZZK High-tech Zone Zhongjing PCB Industrial Park. With an annual output value at about 2 billion RMB and the total number of employees at about 4,800, Zhongjing now has its provincial level engineering research center, company technology center and national level post-doctoral scientific research workstation. Located in the core area of 357 Industrial Belt of Innovation, Zhongjing Intelligence & Innovation Industrial Park Project has a superior traffic location and development prospect. The project covers about 62,700 ㎡, with an overall floorage at 220,000 ㎡. It will achieve an annual output of 1.2 billion RMB after reaching the design capacity.

(Editor: Yimin Huang, Pictures: by Ming Liu)

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