Huizhou HZZK Taxation Bureau Honorably Won the Title of a National Top Ten Case with its DIRECT TRAIN OF PARTY-BUILDING Work Method

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Huizhou HZZK Taxation Bureau honorably won the title of a National Top Ten Case with its Direct Train on Party-building work method.

In the recent days, the Selection and Exhibition Event for Innovative Achievements on Party-building (2nd Session) was co-organized by Qizhi Magazine and the Work Committee for Organizations Directly under Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee. During the event, Huizhou HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Taxation Bureau of the State Taxation Administration honorably won the title of a National Top Ten Case with its case of Direct Train of Party-Building Drives into the “Enclave” Companies. The “4342” Work Method Helps the Taxation Department and Companies Jointly Pursue Development.

In the event, Huizhou HZZK Taxation Bureau was the only county and district level taxation department that has received this great honor. It was also one of a few units from Guangdong that have received this special honor in the three groups of this contest. This demonstrates that Huizhou HZZK Taxation Bureau has made an important step forward in terms of its innovative practice on Party-building work.

It is learned that, HZZK Hi-tech Zone has carried out the work on co-building of the direct train on Party-building between the taxation bureau and enterprises by multiple sides, including HZZK Taxation Bureau, HZZK Management Committee, companies in HZZK. Based on measures of 4 work mechanisms, 3 major services, 4 projects and 2 Party-building platforms, HZZK has set up a “4342” Work Method directly serves companies in the zone. A HZZK Sample on optimizing business environment is thus shaped, promoting tax and charge reductions to be practically implemented and boosting the high-quality economy development.  


 “Enclave” companies develop rapidly. But it is inconvenient for taxation department to manage and for companies to handle taxation matters.

As a national hi-tech zone in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, HZZK Hi-tech Zone owns two “enclaves” of Dongjiang Science and Technology Park, Huinan Science and Technology Park. For these years, the “enclaves” have become a newly emerged growth pole for HZZK Hi-tech Zone’s economy.

However, the “enclaves” are 30km away from the HZZK’s main site. Limited by locational factors, the taxation department cannot set management institutions in the S&T industrial parks. This affects the in-time understanding of business operations and appeals of the companies, and brings much inconvenience to the companies in the parks to handle taxation matters. 

Besides, the parks are clusters of small and medium sized enterprises with strong growth momentum. In 2019 alone, there are 7 enterprises joined the provincial level gazelle companies list. To further improve the operational continuity and core competitiveness of these gazelle companies, the taxation department needs to fertilize a relatively special “Taxation and Business Soil” and help enterprises relieve bottlenecks in their growth stage.

To effectively solve this problem, taking the deep integration between Party-building and business operations as the handle, HZZK Taxation Bureau carried out key efforts to reduce tax and charge and serve for the Bay Area’s building. Based on practical management of the “enclaves”, it attracts and collects resources with the Direct Train of Party-building, gathers strength with "4342” Work Method and extends the service range to reach the “enclaves“ on the “last mile”. Thus, the problem of “being separated from the main site and unable to enjoy the same convenience” is resolved with effect.


Set up 4 work mechanisms to transform co-building work from “Separated” to “United”.

On the last day of the reporting period, Cuifang Wu, the financial staff of Huizhou Govion Technology Ltd. could not report the data, the system prompt kept saying that the data was “Abnormal by Comparison”. It might cause the company’s “overdue of report” and degradation of tax credit rating if she fails to report it before 12pm.

At 6 pm, just to have a try, she submitted an Enterprise Needs Report in the Wechat group of Direct Train of Party-building Between the Taxation Bureau and Enterprises. To her surprise, in no time, she received a phone call from a taxation staff, with the guidance from whom she finished reporting very quickly. “The Direct Train of Party-building between the Taxation Bureau and Enterprises has resolved a big trouble for us” said Cuifang Wu.  

Since the implementation of "4342” Work Method, there are many other examples like Wu. A taxation staff told our journalist that, "4342” Work Method is a systematic project, through 4 mechanisms of council meeting, work contact, forms reporting and on duty in turns, it transforms the co-building from “Separated” to “United”, from the “Mission Stage” to a “Long-Lasting Normal State”.   

First is to set up a platform to discuss matters. On this platform, members of the Party Committee act as “the Main Officer of the Party Branch” for co-building and the co-building members appoint their respective Liaison Officers to jointly create a mechanism of lists. “In ways like making requirement lists, we made overall plans to fulfill the industrial parks’ and enterprises’ needs through Wechat and other platforms online and door-to-door visits offline as well as teleconferencing” said the staff.

To enliven the atmosphere, this work method is adopted based on an on-duty-in-turns system. A number of group activities such as Strides Exercise in Early Spring, Taxation Youth + U Action, etc. have been carried out jointly to build a bunch of popular branded activities with special features especially for workers, youth or women.

3 services that promotes synchro-prosper between enterprises and HZZK

 “Inspiring! Huizhou has 46 companies that have joined the list of Guangdong gazelle companies. It ranks No.3 in Guangdong in terms of its number of new gazelle companies.” 7 companies from HZZK’s two “enclaves” are on the list. Last year, a report on Huizhou Daily attracted HZZK taxation staff’s attention.

How to invigorate the gazelle companies in the “enclaves” through Party-buildings and make Party-building and enterprises in the parks “fly side by side”? To find the answer, HZZK Taxation Bureau went to the forefront to meet the companies doing research and asking about their needs.    

Taking a consideration of the reality, HZZK Taxation Bureau set up 3 service actions especially for the parks, namely: Pioneers Taking the Lead, A Bazaar of Service, Strengthening the Work through Problem Lists, transforming Party’s political and organizational advantages to merits in serving enterprises and people.

To reinforce the foundation, HZZK Taxation Bureau has carried out the service action of Pioneers Taking the Lead, formed a Party Pioneers Team and forged Taxation Youth + U, a brand of services on taxation publicity. With co-building, it guides many leading enterprises and small & medium sized enterprises with strong growth momentum represented by Unionman Technology. In regard to gazelle companies’ turning points of development and routes for rapid rise, it imparts them with develop experience, management guidance, industry trend to further promote the industry chain to be optimized.

Second, to bring more convenience to the companies, HZZK Taxation Bureau and many departments in the parks adopt a working mode of centralized and joint “opening” and open a Bazaar of Service on a regular basis. Together, they make group decisions and work out solutions on site and inspire the vitality of mass innovation.

At the same time, HZZK Taxation Bureau also made a plan of Strengthening the Work through Problem Lists creating a mechanism for problem gathering, handling and feedback and in the form of lists, ensuring the effective connection between Taxation Bureau from the “supply side” and taxpayer from the “demand side”.   

"The Direct Train of Party-building brings the maximum convenience to the taxpayers and better improves the experience of our taxpayers with each passing day. HZZK Taxation Bureau guides us in the front with its utmost sincerity. We give our thumbs up for it!” said the Deputy Party Secretory Wenjuan Liang of Guangdong Unionman Technology Ltd.

4 projects depicting a new look of co-building

How to profoundly integrate Party-building work with the development of enterprises and focus more on their central tasks? HZZK Taxation Bureau takes the Four Major Outstanding Projects as the tools to further enhance the core leading role of the Party.

In the Set Sail on the Voyage to Faith Project, through “having Party lessons, learning theories and sharing resources together”, HZZK Taxation Bureau coordinated and helped out with the difficulties presented in enterprises’ Party-building work, operation and development.

In the Mission Shines Project, the two sides set up the Party Member “4+5”, a political birthdate commemoration mechanism to extract the Core Values of the new S&T city and integrate concepts such as: “Never Stop Striving or Innovating” down to the bone of our values.

On Cultural Inheritance areas, HZZK Taxation Bureau continued its honor as a National Civilized Organization and led the parks and enterprises to jointly live up to their faith in civilization and carry out special activities on culture, sports, rule of law and so on. 

In the Refine and Hone Itself Project, HZZK Taxation Bureau listened to the opinions and suggestions of its local bureau and enterprises on law-based administration and other matters. It held against itself and discovered problems from inside out, looked for the gap, improved its shortcomings and accelerated rectifications.

To construct a new home for co-building on the 2-dimensional (online and offline) red base 

To adapt to people’s new ways of study, work and life, based on the Co-building & Co-enjoying principle, HZZK Taxation Bureau innovatively carried out the Online and Offline two-way synchro-building, thoroughly promoting the party’s organization, work, services and management to cover all-round areas.

First is to enhance the “organization network” online, so that people can feel “zero distance” to the Party’s care. Through Wechat applets, HZZK Taxation Bureau links nine branch departments of the bureau, its 163 party members with party members in the parks and in the enterprises through “one network”, and sends contents about management on party matters to mobile clients.

    Offline, deeply rooted in the Party’s “Red Base” Areas, it made overall planning and built standardized base for Party-building providing party members, people with a “red” and warm home for education and training, organization activities and recreation.

Results and responses

Getting rid of the burdens, companies are now speeding up in Intelligent Manufacturing

The fast speed of the train mainly relies on its locomotive’s traction. After the direct train of “4342” Work Method that serves for the enterprises in the parks was implemented, the Direct Train of Party-building mode has received active responses from the Management Committee and enterprises in the parks. The effect of high-quality economic development boosted by the tax and charge reduction is appearing.

First the environment for taxation and business was further optimized activating the Intelligent Manufacturing potentials of companies in the “enclaves”. According to the statistics, in 2018, the companies in the “enclave” parks enjoyed 930 million RMB of tax breaks brought by the Income Tax Reduction Policy Based on R&D Cost (for example: If the R&D cost for a company in a year is 100, and if the policy requires a 150% rate of reduction from taxable income based on R&D cost, then 150 (100*150%) will be deducted from the taxable income before collecting tax on the taxable income for that year), 25.6 million RMB of tax breaks brought by the Immediate Refund after the Levy of Value-Added Tax Policy, 21.5 million RMB of tax breaks for new and high technology enterprises. The Direct Train Project has resolved 34 appeals of tax issues for enterprises in the parks. Over 500 tax-related services were provided to the enterprises requiring “no more than one trip to the taxation bureau”. 400 services were provided online for their all procedures.  

In the meantime, the building of grass-roots Party was further standardized. HZZK Taxation Bureau, on the one hand, effectively resolved problems like the contradiction between study and work for Party members in non-public-owned enterprises by sending them high-quality organizational and living resources. On the other hand, it strengthened contacts among 163 Party members on the taxation posts, 244 Party members on public department and public institution posts in the parks, 843 Party members from the Two New Forms of Organizations (namely: new economic organizations and new social organizations) achieving the sharing of Party-building resources among 60 Party branches, the co-organizing of events and the synchronized education for Party members. 

While helping enterprises to grow, HZZK Taxation Bureau continued its honors as a National Civilized Organization and a March 8 Red-Banner Group. Its Direct Train of Party-building Project was specially recommended by the district and the city and widely praised in reports by the media becoming a “taxation name card” spoken highly by the public. Qiaoming Tang, the Deputy Party Secretory and Vice Director of the Management Committee of Huinan Science and Technology Park said: “Taking Party-building as its engine and issues as its leads, HZZK Taxation Bureau has accurately resolved many difficulties, obstructions and pains of tax issues of the enterprises in the park, forming a new Close & Clean relationship between the taxation authority and enterprises”.


Journalist: Anmei Huang and Correspondents: Hailing Cai, Rui Huang with Huizhou Daily


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